Alberto trees are the national tree of Albertoland. These magical trees have an awkard reproduction system. Alberto trees don't grow fruits or cones, instead they grow magical seeds that sprout legs and walk away. Until fertilized the seed will walk around, eat, drink, sleep and more. Different seeds have different eating/sleeping/drinking habits since the seeds observe animals around them to learn how to survive. The seed grows as it eats, the bigger it gets the healthier the Alberto tree will be. When the seed becomes fertilized it changes color from a light greenish-yellow to a redish-orange. This means it has 7 weeks to collect the nutrients that it will need to grow into a tree. After the 7 weeks pass, the seed will change color again this time to a dark red much like the color of blood. Then the seed digs a hole and burries itself alive, thous ending its live as a seed. This process takes 1 month. The remain of the seed then grows into the Alberto tree. It grows faster than bamboo and by the end of the week it is a full grown tree, and by the second week the process starts all over again. Alberto trees grow all over Albertoland, some even grow in the Forbidden Pits. Alberto trees can grow anywhere because of the high amount of nutrients inside of them that they gain from their live of a seed.

Fun Facts

- Alberto tree seeds are in the diet of many animals in Albertoland i.e Cloud-Foxes

- Alberto tree seeds are often confused with the Seed Insect, an insect that's camoflauge is to pretend to be an Alberto tree seed

- Alberto trees live up to 100 years and reproduce once a year. They can make 10 magical seeds at a time

- There is a tree in Miguel Land that has a reproductive system similar to the Alberto tree's, the Miguel tree: (for details of the Miguel tree's reproduction click the link)