The Albertoland flag

Albertoland is a magical island located 50 miles off the island of Miguel Land. This land is home to many magical creatures such as the four-eyed Squid-Bear and the endangered Hydra. Albertoland also houses many magical objects like the Enchanted Floating Pearl-Thingy which was crafted by the 3 witches of the Dark Forest. Being crafted by 3 witches gave it the power of granting 3 wishes before desintagrating into a fine powder and waiting for another individual to find it. The pearl has been found about 50 times so far. Albertoland is divided into five parts which include the Dark Kingdom, the Cloud Temples, The Main Land, the Floating Mountains, and the Forbidden Pits (forbidden because that part of the land is filled with toxic gases that will kill anyone who enters). Ever since a freak storm hit Albertoland it has had some parts sunk changing its shape. Luckily the storm brought land above sea level and it has been claimed by Albertoland. so soon Albertoland will be made up of 9 parts. Albertoland will be participating in the Color War supporting the Blue Rabies Seagull, since that is where most of its allies are. On the other hand Albertoland hates the Rabies Seagull since the species was brought there from Miguel Land and is now killing some native species like Nok-Nok gueese and the Hydras. It is a well known fact that the national animal of Albertoland is the T-Rex, the national fruit pineapples, and the national tree is the Alberto tree, a tree that doesn't grow fruits but instead it grows a magical seed that walks around, eats and drinks before it is fertalized and plants itself, these seeds are commonly comfused with the Seed Insect an insect thats camoflauge is to pretend to be a magical seed. Every 50 years Albertoland's movement causes it to end up in the Bermuda Triangle. When that happens it is known as Bermuda Day and it is sure to be the most messed up day Albertoland can have, even with the already set bar. On one memorable Bermuda Day, purple aliens wearing sombreros came to the island riding giant polka-dotted cows and asked for soy milk. The last Bermuda Day was September 16, 2000.