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News23:21, July 8, 2012 (UTC)~~

A freak storm has hit Albertoland and some of the island has sunk changing its shape. Fortunally the lost bits were not important, and on the bright side the storm brought a piece of land up to the surface and it has been claimed by the ruler. The bad news are that during the storm the kingdom of the Main Land has turned to ruble and Four-Eyed Squid-Bears have been beached all over the beaches. Other than that we are fine and have started rebuilding. Map makers have started working on the new map of Albertoland and Explorers are exploring the new land and making new discoveries each day. The new map will be up on the site soon.

July 9, 2012~~

The new map is up and the old one is still there for comparison, since the new land is unexplored it has ​​UNEXPLORED over it

There is a place where awesome things can happen..........Edit

That place is called Albertoland. Located 50 miles South from Miguel Land (a floating island that travels all over South Florida), Albertoland is the home to many wild creatures such as the native four-eyed Squid-Bear and the endangered Hydra. It is also the house of many magical objects such as the Enchanted Floating Pearl-Thingy that grants the finder 3 wishes before it disapears, to be found again (luckily Albertoland is not that big so it can't be that hard to find it again), or magical flying narwhal horns from the extinct magical Flying Narwhal. The ruler of this land is great friends with the ruler of Miguel Land and is gonna help him out during the Color War. All of my pages are below, to read them click the links. - Albertoland page - Cloud Temple page - Dark Kingdom page - Main Land page - Enchanted Floating Pearl-Thingy page - Instakill Gas page - Rabies Seagull page - Four-Eyed Squid-Bears page - Cloud-Foxes page - Alberto Tree page - Hydra page - Black Magical Storms page - Magical Flying Narwhal Horns page,_The_Academy_of_Enchatments,_Advanced_School_of_Magical_Teachings - Magic Schools of Albertoland page

Cool SlideshowEdit

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