Black Magical Storms are powerful storms made by a sudden surge of powerful dark magic. They are destructful and can even destroy whole continents if big enough. They are usually the aftermath of a wizard preforming dark magic without knowing how to control it making a giant surge of black magic. These surges can strip you of your powers for 48 hours or more. Luckily these storms can only affect areas with magical borders. Recently there has been a Black Magical Storm near Albertoland but faded when getting near Miguel Land. These storms are pretty much like a hurricane, a tornado, a massive tsunami, a tiny black hole, and an earthquake all happening at a same time. Also their deadly, magically-enhanced lightning that can desintegrate buildings and pieces of land doesnt help. In the medival times these stoms were current and massive. But since dark magic was outlawed with the most painful of punishments if you were caught, (and it was almost certain you would be caught since the streaks and smell of brimstone dark magic leaves behind) these storms almost compleatly dissapered. There is no picture because anyone who went out to take a picture of a Black Magical Storm is a complete and total retard and is most probably dead now. There were no apperence of these storms for almost a thousand years until one mysteriously showed up in Albertoland around April-May. Like earthquakes these storms are mesured from a 1 to a 10. The one that hit Albertoland was a 2. It is being called the Death Wanderer. The storms have been known only to range from a 1 to a 3.

Interesting Facts:

Atlantis is thought to have been "swallowed by the sea" due to a level 4 Black Magical Storm (Atlantis had a little magical border by its side)

Rain is usually the effect to places without magical borders near these storms

Only 4 storms have been named. Those have been The Black Death, The Assasination, The Black Hole, and the Death Wanderer