A fluffy Cloud-Fox

A Cloud-Fox is a species of cloud animals that's home is the Cloud-Temple. It is extreamly cute and is as light and white as a cloud. The Cloud-Fox has no means of defense since it is already hidden by the enormous cloud covering its habitat. Its diet consists of PB&J sandwiches, pineapples, and Alberto tree seeds. It has no natural enemies exept for Cloud-People (who may be extinct now) who hunted them for their fur and for sport. Cloud-Foxes are usually found resting on top of trees, wearing sunglasses to look cool. Cloud-Foxes make good pets since they are well behaved and really adorable. If you are planning to adopt one you need to learn that they like their PB&J's with more peanut butter than jelly, they eat 8 times a day not counting their snacks, they prefer to have their own room and full size bed, and that they are extreamly picky on where you pet them. Never give more than 3 belly rubs, don't pet their heads, and if you want to live NEVER give them a hug for longer than 2 seconds. There are laws protecting the Cloud-Fox, not cause they are endangered, but because they are so damn adorable.