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The Enchanted Floating Pearl-Thingy

The Enchanted Floating Pearl-Thingy is a magical item that resides in the island of Albertoland. This object was crafted by the 3 witches of the Dark Forest. The legend says that the 3 witches were walking down the forest to visit the Troll king when all of a sudden the youngest one, Mariet, paused. A wonderful idea had hit the young lady. Mariet had figured that all parts of Albetoland had their own magical items. The Main Land had magical Flying Narwhal horns, the Cloud Temple had the Mystical Cloud Staff, the Floating Mountains had Queen Eliza's Amulet, and the Forbidden Pits had the Great Gas Giant's Sword. The Dark Kingdom had no magical items to live up for, and that really disturbed Witch Mariet. She proposed that she and her sisters combine their powers and make a magical item for the Dark Kingdom. The witches soon made their sacrifices of power, strength, and wisdom (a witch can choose to strip herself of a bit of power to make potions, or in this case a magical item, the result being a purple-blue liquid) to start off. They then added 3 hairs from the Troll king's head, the 4 eyeballs from a four-eyed Squid-Bear, the wiskers of a Cloud-Fox, a stone from a Floating Mountain, the insides of an Alberto tree seed, and the guts of a Hydra. That was brewed for 3 hours at 1,000 degrees C, and then Golden Powder was added to spice up the kind of magic the item could make. As soon as the powder was added the entire mix exploded and in place of the liquids and guts and hairs stood a giant floating pearl (earning the item the name Enchanted Floating Pearl-Thingy). Like most magical items the pearl had disadvanteges. Being made by 3 witches the pearl would grant the finder 3 wishes before breaking into a fine gold powder, then reappering at some other part of the item waiting to be found again. The pearl also has limited power as it cannot raise the dead, kill a living individual, take you to a different time period, or look into the future. The pearl has proofed to be a real item (some objects from Albertoland tales have never been found i.e the Mystical Cloud Staff) being found around 50 times. The current location of the pearl is unknown though it is estimated to be somewhere in the Cloud Temple.