This is a cartoon version of the four-eyed Squid-Bear. It doesn't actually have 4 eyes but it uses its tentacles to sense like if it had 2 more eyes

The four-eyed Squid-Bear is an animal native to Albertoland. It is found all around the island since it lives in the waters surrounding Albertoland. Even though they live all around, the four-eyed Squid-Bear prefers the warm beaches of the Main Land. Four-eyed Squid-Bears are the 2nd most common animal in Albertoland next to Cloud-Foxes. Its diet includes Seaweed, Burger Coral, Milano Cookies, small fish, and Alberto tree seeds that get too close. They are really playful animals, and have special bonds with humans (like dogs). Four-eyed Squid-Bears are usually found swimming in herds since that way they are better defended from Nessies, their natural enemy. Four-eyed Squid-Bears will be used in the Color War for water related battles and missions. Four-eyed Squid-Bears are classified as Water Monster.

Fun Facts

- Queen Eliza (former ruler of the Floating Mountains) had a pet Squid-Bear because she belived them to be cute

- The Troll king (former ruler of the Dark Kingdom) had a secret fear of four-eyed Squid-Bears

- One of Alberto's (current ruler of Albertoland) favorite hobbies is to ride four-eyed Squid-Bears

- Squid-Bears can survive in the Forbidden Pits without any protection, since they are immune to Instakill gas

- Squid-Bears can be taught to play chess, they are one of the smartest creatures in Albertoland