An angry Hydra getting ready to attack

The Hydra is one of the many monsters that live in Albertoland. It is currently endangered due to the Rabies Seagull's invasion, since both the Rabies Seagull and the Hydra have coke-a-cola in their diet so they compete for food. The Hydra is found in the Dark Kingdom, mostly in the Dark Forest. These creatures may seem feroucious at first, but they only attack when threatened. The Hydra's main use for defense is it's large, sharp teeth, but they have other means of defending themselves, like breathing fire, strangeling attackers with their tails, and releasing toxic gases from their nostrils similar to Instakill gas. The Hydras diet includes bats, birds, eggs, Alberto tree seeds, coke-a-cola, fruits, pigs, cows, and if they can find one in the forest, a Cloud-Fox. Hydras are about the size of a four-eyed Squid-Bear. They are usually found eating. Hydras have the special adaptation that if you cut off one of their heads two grow in its place. Being so big and scary you would think it impossible for a Rabies Seagull to kill a Hydra. The reason the Rabies Seagull can kill them off so easy is because they do it from far. As stated in the Rabies Seagull page, they know how to use snipers.