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A Magical Flying Narwhal Horn, in the magical items exhibit at the Museum of History of Albertoland, Magical Items, and sites

Magical Flying Narwhal Horns are a magical item from Albertoland. Coming from the now extinct Magical Flying Nalwhal, these remains from the animal are mostly known for their heaaling abilities, being able to heal any injury even if its a fatal wound, but it can do more than just that. The magical abilities of the horns were discovered by accident by the Troll King, which he had made into spears for his warriors before he learned of the magical abilities of the horns. One night he had accidentally stabbed his hand while sharpening his sword. He put his hand on his work table and the pain had suddenly stopped. He relized he had put his hand on one of the horns. To test the new theory he had he went down to the dungeon and drove his sword through a prisoners stomach and then placing the stub of the horn on the wound. It slowly started to heal and that was when the Troll King decided to put the horns to better use. From there on he won every war he fought for only his army knew the secrets of the horns. This can all be seen in The Troll King's Journal. Other abilities of the horns were discovered by a tourist named Gary Kind, who was facinated by the horns. One day while studying them he made an amazing breakthrough. The horns could be used as a magic wand, way more efficent than any other wand seen before. Unfortunally after a certain point of spells casted the wand would become uncontrollable and could easily backfiring causing magical injuries or death. Another of his discoveries was that the horns could harness energy and then easily fire it back out like a cannon. The last of his discoveries was that it could be used to warp from one place to another but it was dangerous because if you did it wrong youd be stuck in limbo. This happened to his 16 year old son when he was trying it out. He got depressed and gave up his research soon after.