These are the 3 schools that teach magic at Albertoland. Each school has a different level of magical studies. Each section of this page will tell of each school.

Magik Techniques Institution

This is where you will begin your quest if you are interested in learning magic. The school takes kids ages 10-13. School year is 6 months long. When you apply for the school you will be able to choose the type of magic you would like to study. You must pick at least 4 courses to take with a maximum of 6 courses. You will have the options to choose from

  • History of Magic
  • Fire Magic Basics (earn control of fire)
  • Special Magic Basics (a special top secret magic created by a teacher at the school)
  • Special Magic Enchantments (a higher level of Special Magic)
  • Advanced Special Magic (the final teachings of Special Magic, where you will perfect your techniques and be able to earn your specialty in this type of magic)
  • Common Magic Basics (moving objects)
  • Defensive Magic Basics (will teach you to defend yourself from harmful magic)
  • Air Magic Basics (earn control of the air)
  • Shape shift Magic Basics (you will learn to shape shift into small animals)
  • Earth Magic Basics (earn control of the earth)
  • Water Magic Basics (earn control of water)
  • Magical Items (will tell you about magical items and tips on how to find them)
  • Creatures of Albertoland (will teach you all you would ever want to know and more about the creatures of Albertoland)

Classes are everyday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, not including Saturdays and Sundays, and you get 1 homework from each course every other day. Each class is about 45 minutes in length and there is usually a 20 minute free period. Any other free time will be spent studying at the library. To graduate you must take a written exam on each of your courses, perform tasks given to you by your teachers, and take a pledge to use your new magical abilities responsibly and to never use dark magic. If you graduate you will earn your Lv. 1 Magic License, which you need to be able to use magic out of your studies without getting arrested. You can come back to take a test for your Lv. 2 and Lv. 3 license, as these are necessary to continue to learn magic, but it should be warned that you need six months of study before being eligible to take either of these tests.

The Academy of Enchantments

If you are to continue your magical studies, you will move from MTI (Magik Techniques Institution) to TAE, The Academy of Enchantments. This school allows kids from ages 13 to 16 with a Lv. 3 Magic License, and in case you couldn't get your basic magic education because of your age, this school gives you all of the courses above (except special magic since that was invented at that school and can only be taught there) with the addition of

  • Fire Magic Enchantments (learn some combat skills, some survivor skills, and some amazing enchantments for show)
  • Common Magic Enchantments (learn to enchant objects to do what you want them to do, i.e have the dishes wash themselves, and techniques on how to move heavier objects than those they taught in MTI)
  • Defensive Magic Enchantments (from making shields appear out of nowhere to making force fields, this class will teach you what MTI didn't)
  • Air Magic Enchantments (will teach you enchantments for show, special defensive methods using air, combat skills, and ways to use Air Magic for various CPR methods)
  • Shape shift Magic Enchantments (this time you will learn to turn into much bigger animals such as dogs, cheetahs, and blue whales)
  • Earth Magic Enchantments (combat skills, skills for show, special control of earth i.e controlling earthquakes, sandstorms or other earth related things, and survivor skills such as instantly making a house out of stones)
  • Water Magic Enchantments (combat skills, survivor skills like making water appear out of thin air, and the special skill of healing wounds and injuries with Water Magic

You must pick at least 5 courses with the maximum of 12. While you attend The Academy of Enchatments you will be required to live in school grounds, since the school year here is an actual year, so you will be given an appartament with 2 or 3 roommates. Classes are everyday from 9:00 to 5:00, and there is usually a week off from time to time where you can go home. The school also has holidays off, and no worries to parents since you will be able to visit once every two weeks. To graduate you will have to take an obstacle courses using only magic you have learned to solve the problems along the way, then take a test for every one of your subjects, then take the same oath you took at MTI to take responsibility in your new abilities, and to never use dark magic ever. When you graduate you will earn your Lv. 4 license, which you need to apply for the Advanced School of Magical Teachings.

Information on the Advanced School of Magical Teachings coming soon.............