A beach in the Main Land

The Main Land is one of the five parts that make up Albertoland. The Main Land is where most of the population of the island lives. This is not only because the Great Castle and Alberto City (the capitol of Albertoland) are located there, but also because the main land has some of the nicest living conditions in the entire island (you can't enter the Forbidden Pits without a gas mask and a protective suit, the Dark Kingdom is always gray with heavy rains and horrible monsters, the villages in the Floating Mountains are all above ground so you could slip and die, and no one lives in the Cloud Temple since you can't see). If you're looking for magical Flying Narwhal horns, this is the place to be. Most of the now extinct Flying Narwhals preferred to live in the Main Land (the others lived in the Floating Mountains) so it's the most common place to find the rare horn, of the 90 Flying Narwhal horns that have been found 70 have been found in the Main Land. The Main Land also has great beaches, where you might see the native four-eyed Squid-Bear. The only legal way of getting off the island is a dock in the Main Land, where a boat will take you 50 miles North to Miguel Land. Another fact is that the West side of the Main Land is the only place where you can see the national animal of Albertoland, the T-rex.