The Rabies Seagull, or Rabid Seagull

NOTE: Even though this page already exists in the Miguelpedia Wiki, I have added some extra information about the Rabies Seagull's invasion in Albertoland

The Rabies Seagull (also known as the Rabid Seagull) is an animal who is native to Miguel Land. They are natural enemies of the Rabies Pigeon. Its diet includes burgers, fries, and coke-a-cola. They are usually found chatting with Narwhals on Facebook. Feeding the Rabies Seagull vegetables will cause it to snipe you. The Rabies Seagull was brought to Albertoland from a boat transporting goods from Miguel Land. It quickly repopulated in the island and are now the 3rd most common found animal in Albertoland, next to Cloud-Foxes and four-eyed Squid-Bears. The Rabies Seagull is a huge problem since it is now killing some native animals like the Hydra and the Nok-Nok gueese. 65% Rabies Seagulls are located in the Main Land, though some have adapted to live in the Dark Forest. Warning: If you are bitten by a Rabies Seagull get medical help RIGHT AWAY, since you will need a rabbies shot as quickly as possible. Never insult these birds, they know how to use snipers.