The Cloud Temple

The Cloud Temple is one of five parts of Albertoland. Not much is known about this misterious land since most of the land is covered by a thick white cloud. What we do know is that the Cloud Temple is the natural habitat of the Cloud-Fox and other relatives. This extreamly cute animal is as white and light as a cloud itself. The Cloud Temple has a variaty of vegetation such as the Alberto tree, pineapple plants, grass, Cloud bushes and much more. The Cloud Temple also has its own magical item. The Mystical Cloud Staff. This was created by the ruler of the Cloud-People, who are now either extinct or hiding from us because all we have is documents and food scraps and used tools. The ruler Kly Akloud made the staff to cover his land with a humongous cloud, so he and his people could hide from their mortal enimies, who's names are not mentioned in the documents. It is said whoever holds the cloud staff will have controll over all clouds and can make the clouds lift from the Cloud Temple and make the land visible again. Until then explorers will have to settle for stumbling into trees and Cloud-Foxes.