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The Dark Kingdom

The Dark Kingdom is one of the five parts of Albertoland. The Dark Kingdom is a grass-less plain with gray skies and heavy rain. It is a horrible place to live since the Dark Kingdom is also filled with lots of dust and is infested with insects such as the Giant Bug-Eyed Cockaroaches and the Flesh-Eating Tarantulla. The Dark Kingdom also has the Dark Forest, home of many horrible monsters such as the Poisonous Seven-Headed Anaconda or the Blood-Sucking Zombie Dwarfs. This kingdom also has the dark tower, where the Troll King used to live, though ever since he was killed by the people of Blak Village, the place has been abandoned. Blak Village is where most inhabitants of the Dark Kingdom live. If you were to move to the Dark Kingdom you would do most of your shopping in the town, what used to be a artifact black market is now the Dark Kingdom's only trade center.